Friends, hi!

I’m excited you found your way to Let Luc Finance.

So, what’s this all about?

Personal finance is a passion of mine. Really, it’s more than that. To me, money is a tool which helps us live our amazing lives. I suppose life is my passion and money is a tool that helps me live it to the fullest. It should be that way for everyone, but like any tool, we have to know how to use it.

Over the last several years many friends have asked me questions in regard to their personal finances, and I have enjoyed researching those questions and sharing my findings and insights with them. As I have made financial planning my profession, more and more friends have come to me with questions. I believe everyone has a right to at least a solid foundation in personal finance. While there is already a lot of information out there, I have heard from many friends that it can be confusing and overwhelming – there isn’t a guide to follow – and the abundance of information causes many people to do nothing.

That’s where Let Luc Finance comes in. I want you, my friends (and your friends and your friends’ friends) to be able to receive clear, concise information that walks you through the basic foundations of financial planning and gives you the education you need to take action, ultimately moving you closer to financial security and the realization of your dreams.

My goal is for my readers to learn a little more about money so they can Let Luc a lot more in life.

I hope to provide you with the financial education you are seeking. I plan to post weekly emails (which can be delivered to your inbox – just subscribe), walking you through the basics of personal finance. The posts will build on each other. We’ll start from the beginning with your values, understanding why money is important to you. We’ll then collect the necessary information to determine where you stand today and calculate your net worth. We’ll talk about emergency funds, money trade-offs, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, investing, and many more topics you have asked about.

But for now, I want you to believe that money can be something you understand and not something you stress about. Week by week, step by step, we’ll take you there.

Now, reading these emails and asking questions won’t be enough. You’ll have to take action. With each post, you should learn something that you can think about and do during the week and before the next post. My belief is that by doing one thing each week you will learn to take control of your finances, worry about them less, and focus more on living the amazing lives you seek.

We’ll get started soon. Subscribe to get my emails delivered straight to you inbox, so you won’t miss any posts.

Until next time,


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