Just a few quick things:

  1. Thank you so much for your support, questions, and feedback. I sincerely appreciate it and love hearing from you.
  2. We’ve talked a lot about monitoring spending, aggressively saving, and wisely investing. But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use our hard-earned money to spend in ways that align with our values.
  3. In that regard, I will be on vacation for the next week…and am going to try to be offline as much as possible. That said, there will not be a new post on Monday, Memorial Day. Don’t worry – I’ll be back the following week!
  4. I hope you enjoy the long weekend and remind yourself it’s okay – great even – to spend money on those things which align with your values and bring you happiness.

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Here’s to Letting Luc this weekend!


PS – You can check out my May edition of What I’m Reading here. I’ve shared three non-fiction books that I think are worth reading. I’m also looking for some good beach reads! What’s on your summer reading list – fiction or otherwise?

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