We’ve talked about a lot of important financial principles here, and I wanted to come up with a quick way for you to gauge how you’re doing. That’s where the Let Luc Finance Tic-Tac-Toe board comes in.

It’s meant to be a simple way for you to review where you’re doing well and also where you could now direct your focus to improve. It certainly doesn’t cover everything, and getting three-in-a-row doesn’t mean you’ve mastered the world of personal finance. But, I hope it helps you take a quick inventory.

Maybe you’re contributing to a retirement plan but still need an emergency fund. Maybe you’re spending less than you earn but now need to focus on saving. Recognize where you’re doing well and where you can improve. Sometimes just noticing can help motivate us into taking action – one square at a time!

What do you think? Does turning it into a simple game help? I’d love to hear your thoughts and also learn how you took on the Challenge Spaces.

Until next time,


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