Use Your Strengths

When it comes to improving any area of our lives, utilizing our strengths is a better approach than running into the same walls by committing to plans we don’t like and aren’t good at.

General Example

For example, if you want to exercise more often but hate the gym, gritting your teeth and committing to going to the gym four times a week won’t be any fun for you – and likely won’t last. Instead, biking to and from work, hiking, or playing a team sport might be much better ways for you to accomplish the same goal of exercising more often.

Personal Finance Examples

This same strategy can be applied to improving your personal finances. Here are several examples:

  • You’re competitive.
  • You love trying new things.
  • You love to be creative and get your hands dirty.
    • Use this creativity to reduce your expenses.
      • Do home repairs yourself.
      • Make your own meals.
      • Knit a blanket.
      • Do some landscaping.
      • Try growing your own tomatoes.
  • You love talking to people.
    • Use your passion for connecting and communicating with people to improve your personal finances.
      • Ask someone older than you about the lessons they’ve learned about money.
      • Talk to a friend in a similar situation so you can share ideas, struggles, and areas to improve.
      • Find someone you know who feels like a money expert, buy them a coffee, and pick their brain.
  • You love teamwork.
    •  Use a team approach to improve your personal finances.
      • Get a group of friends together (or find a group online) to serve as an accountability group.
      • Find a friend who also wants to improve their financial life and set goals together. Make it a social and productive experience.
      • Join a local investors club or another similar group.
  • You’re a self-proclaimed scientist.
    • Use experiments to improve your personal finances.
  • You love to learn.
    • Turn your love of learning into a way to improve your personal finances.
      • Read a book about personal finance.
      • Learn about the stock market.
      • Find a free class online or in your community.
      • Read blog posts and listen to podcasts about money.


Take what you love and are good at and use those strengths to improve your life. Don’t do things because someone says you should. If you hate budgeting, find a way to automate it instead. Set yourself up for success by not committing to plans and systems you hate and won’t stick to. Instead, utilize your strengths and incorporate things that are fun for you!

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