First, thank you for all of the thoughtful, entertaining, and helpful responses to last week’s post called “Let’s Spend Some Money!” I’ve listened, collected, and combined these responses and am here to share them with you this week.

Two reminders before we get right to it:

  1. If you don’t need any of these things or already have something that works, this is not an excuse to spend money for no reason.
  2. And perhaps more importantly, if you have credit card debt, use the winter coat you already have, do everything you can to save money, and then pay off those credit cards!

Alright, here we go. The recommendations below are direct quotes or close paraphrases to the comments I received. I didn’t attribute credit to specific people because I didn’t want to single anyone out if they didn’t want that, but I fully admit this post comes from YOU, not me.


I am not brand specific, but gone are the days of non-leather bags for me. I used to think a bag wasn’t an investment – who doesn’t want a new bag every year/season/month? But soon, I had a million bags that cluttered up everything and were all trashed.

Fast forward to 2012…in honor of my first big promotion, I got a real leather Coach bag – at the outlet and in the sale section (okay, actually 2). Then, about a year later I invested in a staple J. Crew leather casual bag. I invested in total probably $325. It’s now March 2016, and I haven’t needed/wanted to buy a new bag. I love my 3 purses. $80/year – and going down!

When I compare this to the 2-4 $20-$70 bags I would get each year, I’ve seen how much of a waste – both the money and space – that really was. I have since thrown away all my other purses!


I always said in college to just spend the extra $0.17 on Oreos instead of those nasty creme-filled cookies with one black and one white wafer. No need to force yourself to eat something gross when you could upgrade for less than a dollar!

I feel the same way about certain types of food. I remember when I got married my wife and I went grocery shopping and we bought the cheapest thing for everything we bought, even when it was only 20 cents cheaper. We soon realized that certain cereals, peanut butter, bread, etc. are not worth skimping on. There is a reason it’s the cheapest thing on the shelf, and we decided to never skimp on groceries like that again.

I pay to have meals delivered to my house. I decided I’m willing to pay for fully cooked meals to come to my house because I don’t have time to cook, and I don’t like to cook. When I get meals delivered they are healthy options in decent portions. I used to go grocery shopping and waste money on food I wouldn’t prepare. The alternative is restaurant food, which is usually less healthy, more expensive, and the portions are larger than my body needs. So, a delivery method is the happy medium for me!

Puffer Coats

I received lots of support for this one, which I mentioned in my post. Other brands that were recommended here are The North Face and Patagonia. (Personal note: The North Face puffer is what was specifically recommended. I know many of you may have the fleece – I do too, and the same one since 2005 or 2006! – but it’s not winter-weather warm.)


This one definitely depends on your circumstances. If you’re in college you probably don’t care about dorm room furniture, but when buying for a permanent place you should buy nice, not cheap. (Also, Ikea doesn’t move well.)

Painters Tape

I just bought the more expensive stuff today after trying to go cheap because all the paint bled through, and now I’m painting twice! Go expensive the first time.

Running Socks

We are loyal to Thorlo running socks. We have purchased them for 20 years and have run practically injury free.

Vitamin Supplements

I am a big believer in good-quality vitamin supplements. Mega Foods is the brand we use.

Thanks for all of the feedback and support. I really do appreciate it. I hope these suggestions are helpful to you. And, if you have anything to add please do so in the comments!

And Finally…

I recently learned about – a site that “finds and promotes products that don’t break the bank, don’t break the planet…that don’t break at all! We also challenge manufacturers to break their habits and build stuff that really lasts – we know they can.” It’s a newer site, so I look forward to seeing what they continue to do.

Life’s too short to take too seriously. So go on, Let Luc

Until next time,

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