Do you feel rich? I don’t know, maybe you do or maybe you don’t. I’m guessing you probably don’t. Most my friends in their 20s and 30s (and on up) don’t feel rich. That’s why we’re all here learning together.


Sometimes I think just framing things from a new perspective can add a lot of value.


That’s why I encourage you to use the Global Rich List to see, globally, just how rich you are. With a few simple inputs, you can see how rich you are based on both income and wealth.

Here’s a hint: If you make $20,000 in annual income in the US, you’re in the top 3.65% of richest people in the world when measured by income.

I’m not suggesting at all that where you fall makes you better or worse than anyone else. (Income and wealth can be very poor indicators of character.) But, perhaps reminding yourself of just how good you have it, from a global perspective, may give you pause the next time you are tempted to splurge on something you don’t need or complain about the money and stuff you don’t have.
Does this global perspective help frame how you view your current situation?

I hope so!


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