Here’s your October Edition of What I’m Reading. This month I’m sharing a bunch of quotes and articles with you.

01. Minimalism is a Privilege

This quote from a “minimalist” really struck me. I think it’s important (for me) to remember that it is in fact a privilege.

“If you consider the newer definition, where a minimalist is a person who intentionally chooses to live with a minimal amount of stuff, you can physically see the role privilege plays in that. Curating a life and a home filled with things you love is a privilege. Decluttering is a privilege. Heck, having clutter in general is a privilege. But being able to get rid of 75% of your belongings after realizing you never needed any of it? … I know people who only ever buy what they value because that’s all they can afford. And I know people who can’t even do that. When there are so many people who don’t have enough to begin with, how can I wear the “minimalist” badge proudly? I can’t.”

You can read the entire article here.

02. It’s Not All Bad

There has been a lot of talk of gloom, doom, and unease lately. On his blog, Seth Godin recently shared four charts that remind us of the positive progress we are making. Sometimes, we just need a little perspective.

03. Saving ≠ Deprivation

Finally, here are two quotes on the common belief that spending less and saving more means depriving yourself.

From jlcollinsnh:

“Saving isn’t deprivation. That money is still spent. It’s just not spent on a Mercedes or a big house. It’s spent on the future. Saving is money spent on buying freedom.”

And, from Mr. Money Mustache:

“When you don’t have a shortage of money, you should make your decisions as if money didn’t matter. You should choose to do work that you’d do even if you weren’t getting paid. And you should make buying decisions as if everything were free. I mean, if TVs were free, would I go pick up 37 of them? Of course not! I wouldn’t even have a single TV if they were free.”


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