Andre Agassi’s Autobiography, OPEN


I love hearing and reading people’s stories. Life unfolds as we live it – even for those we look up to and idolize, for those who seem to have it all figured it out and only know success. There is always more to the story. I learn a lot from reading these stories. As a huge tennis fan and lover of the game, OPEN was a fun read, but also eye-opening and inspiring.

Bob Goff’s Love Does

I find myself re-reading this book every six months or so. Bob Goff reminds me how I want to approach love and treat others. It’s a quick, easy read and the personal stories he shares are a lot of fun to read. Each chapter can be its stand alone story and message, so I’ve found it fun to pick a chapter and read it with friends.


The best entrepreneurs are like brilliant artists in these four ways

I love the idea that entrepreneurs are artists. To quote the article:

“I don’t necessarily mean creativity in the traditional sense of the word. I am referring to an entrepreneur’s tolerance to take the road less traveled and risk failure; to create his or her own path rather than simply marching in the same direction and at the same pace as everyone else.”

I think this is true for not just entrepreneurs but also anyone who is willing to takes risks and follow their passions.

Adam Grant’s Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success

I think many of us understand and have experienced the payback of charitable giving. When we help others, we feel better; we forget our own problems and feel revitalized. Adam Grant, however, argues this is also true in the workplace.  Are you a taker, a matcher, or a giver? Grant’s book helps you identify which you are, but more importantly, why you should care.
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