For this edition of What I’m Reading, I want to share a few articles I have read and feel are worth sharing.


  • From Mr. Money Mustache, Give Yourself The Gift Of Not Worrying About Money.
    • Even as you’re trying to save and make the best financial decisions with your future self in mind, it’s still important to enjoy life right now.
    • “…take the relaxed perspective of your future rich self, and transport it into your current frugal one. You don’t have to start deliberately spending more, just deliberately worrying less.”


  • This interesting take on goals from James Clear: Forget About Setting Goals. Focus On This Instead.
    • He talks about how goals can reduce our happiness because we may not feel successful until we accomplish them…only to have to set new goals so we have something to work toward again and again, resulting in a brief moment of success once once goal is achieved and before another is set. Instead he suggests a focus on process, a system, and what you can control (consistency).
    • “Goals are about the short-term result. Systems are about the long-term process. In the end, process always wins.”


  • Leo Babauta’s Advice To My Kids.
    • I think the advice he gives to his children, what he feels he could best teach them to equip them for life, is valuable advice for anyone.
    • It starts with this: “You are good enough.”


  • This article from The New York Times: Want To Be Happy? Buy More Takeout And Hire A Maid, Study Suggests.
    • This article relates to this post, which I wrote in May about the various ways in which we can spend money.
    • The NYT article describes the findings of a study, which showed that spending money to save time (taking a cab, hiring a cleaning service, ordering takeout, paying for lawn care) may reduce stress, “thereby increasing happiness.”

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