I love learning about people’s stories – from Steve Jobs to the new friend I hardly know and everyone in between. I find it fascinating. It reminds me that we ALL have stories, filled with highs and lows, crazy adventures and encounters, moments of uncertainty and bravery, and our own personal miracles. It also reminds me how we’re more similar and connected than we are different and separate.

Here are some book recommendations, which tell some pretty amazing stories.

Rob Lowe’s Stories I Only Tell My Friends is surprisingly good. I love this book – so much so that I’ve read it twice. There are some powerful themes and some crazy adventures making it a fun and inspiring read.

The Class Castle is one of those books I think most everyone would enjoy. If you’re looking for a book to read this summer and haven’t read this one, get it! This is the true-life story of an “everyday” American family. I don’t want to give anything away – just read it.

You’ve likely heard of this book (and/or the movie). It’s a powerful story and the best account I have read to help me better understand and at least glean (in a very small way) what it would have been like to fight and suffer through war. I still can’t imagine, but I am inspired by Louie’s story.

Of course, I am fascinated by the life of Michael Jackson! This account, written by his brother Jermaine, opened my eyes to even more of his story. I even gave an unofficial TEDx talk, inspired in part by this story (starting at about 12:40).
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