A common interview question I’ve noticed on podcasts and in print is some variety of:

  • “What are your favorite books?”
  • “What are your most gifted books?”
  • “Which books had/have the biggest impact on you?” or
  • “Which books do you most recommend?”

Here’s how I would answer those questions:

If you want to read a beautiful novel about the journey of life and what it means to be human, read East of Eden.

If you’re feeling stuck in your creative process (and that could really be anything – work, art, hobbies, parenting, health, writing, etc.) and need to overcome the resistance, read The War Of Art.

If you want to live a life of whimsy and love and improve how you treat people, read Love Does. Bonus: Love Does can be read a chapter at a time, in any order, and with friends – even if they haven’t read any part of it before. I have found this to be quite fun!

And finally, if you want to feel like a kid again and reinspire your childlike curiosity, read Matilda.

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