Remember that no spending challenge I proposed on Halloween? You can find the details right here.

Essentially, the goal was to NOT spend money on yourself between Halloween and Christmas (except for things you NEED – like food).

Many of you responded to this post, accepting the challenge. How did it go?

I took the challenge myself, and knowing I would follow up with you all on how I did helped keep me accountable. While I wasn’t 100% perfect, it did stop me from making some purchases…even after putting them in a virtual shopping cart while shopping online (mostly for clothes). Ultimately, it helped me separate what I don’t need (all of it!) but what I do really want (because it’s still on my list to buy) and what I don’t.

In full disclosure, here’s what I did buy during this time period (that didn’t fall under the “need it” category):

  1. A car wash (about $25)
  2. A Kindle book (though it was on sale for $1.99 and I had a gift card)
  3. 4 Christmas movies (about $34 in total – and they’re movies I find myself wanting to watch every year…and if I waited until after Christmas, I probably wouldn’t watch until next year)
  4. An AncestryDNA Test ($78.95 – something I’ve been wanting to purchase and saw was on sale on Black Friday)

So that’s it – about $140 on non-essential items. I think my biggest take-away is that it’s usually worth waiting, say 30 days or so, before making any purchase. If you want it 30 days later, then go ahead and make it.

Here’s another idea someone shared with me: Don’t buy anything for yourself unless you really, really, really WANT it.

I hope these ideas help you manage your spending.

Until next time,


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