Oscar Nominations

The Oscar nominations were just announced and, thanks to MoviePass, I’ve actually seen a number of movies released and nominated from 2017.


As I mentioned in this past post, I’ve started to use MoviePass to watch movies in theaters. It’s a monthly subscription that costs $10/month and allows you to see one movie in theaters per day. It’s pretty incredible! As someone who traditionally went to less than a handful of movies in theaters each year, I watched four movies in theaters during my first two weeks with MoviePass. After now having it for a few months, I’m averaging about a movie a week.

Ranked Movie List

And because I love to make ranked lists, I’m ranking all of the 2017 movies I’ve watched from my least favorite all the way up to my #1 favorite.

A couple of notes:

  • Movies had to have a release date in 2017 to be considered.
  • I’m not including documentaries or comedy specials (and the like). Still, you should watch Gaga: Five Foot Two and Jerry Before Seinfeld (both available on Netflix.)
  • I’m ranking these movies based on my favorites, not what the critics or anyone else may or may not think.
  • While it’s my list, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Which movies did you love – and hate? Which movies do you think I may have missed and still need to watch? Of note, I have not yet seen three films nominated for best picture (Darkest Hour, Dunkirk, and The Post), and I also haven’t seen Coco.

Gaga: Five Foot Two Poster Jerry Before Seinfeld Poster

Here’s My Official 2017 List

(controversial as it may be in some instances – and also quite challenging to commit to a final order myself)


#20 – Wonder Woman (RedBox)

  • I love that this movie has a female superhero as the lead, but I still hate superhero movies
  • This movie did not receive any Oscar nominations, and I’m sure many people aren’t happy about it


#19 – The Boss Baby (theaters, but not by choice)

  • A little bit funny – I mean, it has Alec Baldwin playing a baby – but it’s not great


#18 – Phantom Thread (MoviePass) – BEST PICTURE NOMINEE

  • This feels like the kind of movie I’m supposed to like, but it was slow moving for me
  • More than that, it sometimes felt creepy, lacked character development (especially of the female characters), and was a twisted love story that had me feeling uncomfortable

Phantom Thread Poster


#17 – The Shape of Water (MoviePass) – BEST PICTURE NOMINEE

  • To me, this is an art film and that part of it was done very well, but I did not connect with the story or the characters – you’ll lose me at alien every time!
  • I’m actually surprised I didn’t hate this more

The Shape of Water Poster


#16 – The Greatest Showman (MoviePass)

  • Sure, this was kind of fun, but it was mostly cheesy (I think musicals are best left for the stage)
  • Zac Efron was the star for me, so maybe if you start your career with cheesy musical movies, it will feel more natural in future movies as your career advances

The Greatest Showman Poster


#15 – The Meyerowitz Stories (Netflix)

  • I love the idea of this movie (an honest account of family relationships), but it fell flat
  • I think this is an example of a movie that might have been higher on my list had I seen it in theaters


#14 – Murder on the Orient Express (MoviePass)

  • Beautiful shots (trains in winter!) and a great cast but often slow and boring
  • The highlight for me was when Judi Dench walked onto the screen (she always commands everyone’s attention, on screen and off)


#13 – Mudbound (Netflix)

  • I love dark movies with great story-telling, acting, and character development, and this movie delivers on all fronts
  • That said, since watching, it’s become more forgettable and didn’t leave a lasting impact


#12 – Baby Driver (RedBox)

  • I could watch the opening scene over and over, but this becomes just another action movie by the end
  • If they did a remake with more focus on the music story and less on the action film, I’m sure I would love it


#11 – The Man Who Invented Christmas (MoviePass)

  • This left me with all the great Christmas feels I could ask for, and I like that it depicted a true Christmas story
  • I’ll be adding it to my December Christmas movie rotation


#10 – All The Money in the World (MoviePass)

  • Loved the concept and that it’s based on a true story
  • It gives a great lens into the impact money can have on family relationships
  • I was sometimes bored in the beginning, but this movie really picked up in intensity toward the end

All the Money in the World Poster


#9 – Call Me By Your Name (MoviePass) – BEST PICTURE NOMINEE

  • If you need a reminder that you want to live in Europe, take your time eating breakfast outside each morning, bike around town, and swim in the river all summer long with few real responsibilities, this movie will do it
  • It doesn’t follow your typical story arc or conflict structure – it just is, and I mean that in a good way
  • If you can help it, don’t watch the trailer – sometimes they give away too much

Call Me by Your Name Poster


#8 – Lady Bird (MoviePass) – BEST PICTURE NOMINEE

  • This doesn’t rank as high on my list as Rotten Tomatoes tells me it should because for me, well…we all know how coming of age movies end (spoiler: they grow up)
  • While there aren’t any big surprises or twists, it is a coming-of-age movie done extremely well


#7 – Battle of the Sexes (theaters)

  • As a tennis player (at least, a little bit) and tennis fan, I love that they brought this true story to the big screen
  • A fun movie to watch and a timely reminder of women who helped pave the way in professional tennis


#6 – Wonder (MoviePass)

  • This is the first movie I remember ever making me cry – as in full tears flowing down my face
  • This story moved me and delivered a powerful message in a beautiful and hopeful way
  • I hope lots of kids (and adults!) watch and learn from this movie

Wonder Poster


#5 – I, Tonya (MoviePass)

  • The story is fascinating – I remember this just enough from growing up and have been intrigued by it since
  • The storytelling is extremely well done – in that weird, quirky independent film way
  • Allison Janney and Margot Robbie had me forgetting I was watching actors and not the real people
  • Two of the lead actors were in my theater and introduced the film and did a Q&A after, which added to the overall experience

I, Tonya Poster


#4 – The Wizard of Lies (HBO streaming)

  • I love when true stories are brought to the big screen, and this one did not disappoint – this story is fascinating to me and the acting supported it
  • While I did watch this movie via streaming, I was completely engaged (and actually watched it twice)


#3 – Molly’s Game (MoviePass)

  • Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue, acting from Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba, and a wild story based on true events make this high on my list
  • This is also a long movie (140 minutes), and as someone who can get very restless in movies, I give this movie a lot of credit because I was never bored
  • Plug for MoviePass: their app was down so I had to buy my ticket the old fashioned way, but MoviePass responded quickly and reimbursed me

Molly's Game Poster


#2 – Get Out (theaters) – BEST PICTURE NOMINEE

  • This felt fresh and original and was a great blend of suspense, comedy, and meaningful storytelling in a way I’ve never seen before
  • As you’ll see from my top two picks, movies that are original AND and layered score highly for me (movies based on true stories often do, too)


#1 – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (MoviePass) – BEST PICTURE NOMINEE

  • This is exactly my kind of movie!
  • It’s dark but weaves in the right amount of comedy
  • It’s impactful and layered and has themes that leave you wanting to talk about this movie right after you watch it
  • The acting is great, and this movie felt original
  • I LOVED this film before it started to win so many awards, was pleasantly surprised when it did, and I’m happy to declare if my #1 favorite movie of 2017!


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