A Quick Quiz To Assess Your Money Personality

This week, I invite you to spend a few minutes taking this 20-question, multiple choice Moneyharmony Quiz from Olivia Mellan. It’s a quick way to better understand your views about money. Acknowledging your primary money personality can be a great step to noticing your money habits and views as they’re happening and then making some tweaks over time to allow you to:

  • Better use money to enhance your life, rather than cause stress
  • More effectively communicate with a partner with whom you share finances
  • Establish some parameters to help you manage your dominant personality and improve your weakest

Again, here’s a link to the quiz.

Here are the instructions, as provided on the Moneyharmony website:

“This quiz will show you which of five major money personality types most closely matches your own tendencies: Hoarder, Spender, Money Monk, Avoider, or Amasser. (If you’re the sixth major type — a ‘Money Worrier’ — you already know it!) Bear in mind that each type has both good qualities and shortcomings, and that most people are in fact a combination of types. This isn’t a statistically valid survey, of course — just a way to help determine which money types prevail in your makeup. For each of the 20 statements in the quiz, choose the answer that strikes you first as being closest to your attitude…There is no right answer. Just be as honest with yourself as you can — and have fun!”

Once you take the quiz, you’ll get more details about your most dominant money personality type and can read up on the others as well. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to provide your email address or anything!)

An Even Quicker Survey To Anonymously Report Results

Finally, if you do take the quiz and don’t mind anonymously sharing your results so I can better assess the readers of this blog, please complete this one question survey. If you’re a Money Worrier, they say you already know it, so you can skip the quiz and just complete this survey.

Thank you!

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