Let Luc Finance Celebrates Three Years

I recently attended a great presentation by Dr. Elizabeth Dunn over at HappyMoney about spending money in ways that canesten extra cream price in pakistan maximize happiness. It consolidated several principles we’ve discussed on this blog into one concise list, and I thought happiness and money would be great topics to review as we celebrate three years of Let Luc Finance. That’s right! differin gel price south africa My blog turned 3 this month!

I want to share Dr. Dunn’s list, add some of my own commentary, and remind you of past posts I’ve written on these topics, which might be useful to revisit. (One note – If you’re struggling to make ends meet currently, spending money on material goods to satisfy your basic needs is more likely to maximize happiness, so focus on those things first!)

For those who have “extra” money and want to spend it in ways that will maximize happiness, this list should help. Let’s get into it!

5 Ways to Increase Happiness as You Spend Money Today

  1. septilin canada Buy Experiences
  2. careprost in canada Make it a Treat
  3. provigil generic cost with insurance Buy Time
  4. fucidin prescription Pay Now, Consume Later
    • Recent expenditures can lead to increased pain sensitivity, including physical pain.
    • sildigra buy Paying in advance helps us feel like it’s free later (all-inclusive resorts or MoviePass, for example).
    • We also derive happiness as wait in anticipation for the upcoming vacation or event.
    • Try this: We Buy Stories, Not Stuff
  5. arava border control Invest in Others
    • Spending money on others helps us feel happier.
    • We don’t have to be philanthropists either.
    • calcium carbonate manufacturers germany Spending even $5 on someone (buying their coffee or Chick-fil-A or whatever), brings us happiness without almost any noticeable financial loss.
    • Consider these: Gratitude and Charitable Giving

Let Luc Finance – By The Numbers

For those that like numbers, including myself, here are some you might find interesting, as I look back on the last three years of Let Luc Finance:

  • nolvadex buy 18 blog posts in 2015 (started October 2015)
  • i pill tablet price 56 blog posts in 2016
  • selsun gold uk 30 blog posts in 2017
  • rosuvastatin usa 15 blog posts in 2018 (so far)
  • foracort rotacaps 400 price 119 total posts in 3 years
  • I continue to respond to emails with questions and thoughts about personal finance. In fact, I’ve engaged in buy fasigyn uk 311 email conversations with readers!
  • I think it would be so cool if I could know how many dollars have been saved or used to pay off debt as a result (at least in part) of this blog, but I know tazzle 10 price it’s at least $100,000!

As always, you can find every post right here.

haridra medicine for piles price I hope you can spend money with happiness, save with happiness, and live with happiness, using money to enhance your life in line with your core values.

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