I have a couple of quick thoughts I want to share.

First, I plan to update the WHAT I’M READING section of my website every month. If you haven’t checked out the post for October I highly recommend the article I linked to about how entrepreneurs are like artists. I’ve also included a couple of book recommendations, if you’re looking for something new to read.

Second, as we approach Halloween weekend you might take a break from your traditional healthy habits and instead eat A LOT of candy. I think this is totally okay – life is for enjoying – especially if sweets are something you enjoy and you know you can quickly resume your healthy habits. I think this is also true when it comes to our personal finances. It’s okay to treat ourselves every once in a while – in fact, I think we should, as long as treating ourselves is a real treat. If we do it everyday it’s not a treat, it’s a habit. Also, a treat should be something we value – not something we buy because our friends have it.

Go on, eat some candy…unless you’ve committed to not eating sweets until the end of the year or something. Then remain disciplined and congratulate yourself for sticking with it.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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