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Personal Finance – The Basics

  1. Welcome Post
  2. Dream Big – Goals and Values
  3. Net Worth
  4. Monthly Spending Part I
  5. Monthly Spending Part II
  6. Credit Card Debt and Emergency Funds
  7. Aligning Spending with Values
  8. Using Personal Capital to Review and Consolidate Your Finances
  9. It’s Not Your Fault You’re NOT Saving Money
  10. A Financial Check-Up: 10 Questions To Ask Yourself

Spending and Saving

  1. Reducing Expenses by Shopping Around – A Personal Example
  2. What stories are you telling yourself when you buy something?
  3. Spending Money (sometimes it is okay!)
  4. Your Responses To Items You Have Found To Be Worth Spending Money On
  5. Do You Have $400?
  6. Living the Extravagant Life (a popular post!)
  7. 7 Tips for Tracking Spending and Saving Money
  8. Schedule Less, Live More…And Save Some Money While You’re At It
  9. 50 Things You Can Do This Weekend Without Spending Money
  10. An Update On Purging My Stuff
  11. How Much Is A Movie?

Retirement Accounts

  1. 401(k) Plans
  2. Savings and Contributions Limits for 2016
  3. Traditional and Roth IRAs
  4. Traditional and Roth 401(k)s
  5. Dealing with Old 401(k)s
  6. How Much Money Do You Need To Retire?
  7. A Q&A About Saving For Retirement

Principles of Investing

  1. Part I: Diversification
  2. Part II: Expense Ratios and Low Costs
  3. Part III: Asset Allocation (your stock/bond mix)
  4. Part IV: Discipline and Automation
  5. Okay, But How EXACTLY Do I Invest?

Miscellaneous Finance Topics

  1. A Year-End Financial Checklist
  2. Renting vs. Buying a Home (a popular post!)
  3. Taxes (2016)
  4. The Biggest Mistake I Made in 2015 (hint: learn and move on)
  5. Student Loans
  6. Renters Insurance
  7. Are You Middle Class?
  8. Financial Tic-Tac-Toe (my most popular post! – featured on LifeHacker and Rockstar Finance)
  9. How Rich Are You Really?
  10. Still Wondering If You Should Buy A House? (with a link to a very helpful flowchart)
  11. A Let Luc Finance Success Story: Getting Your Student Loans To $0
  12. Charitable Giving
  13. Taxes (2017)

Special Holiday/Event/Vacation Edition Posts

  1. Halloween: Is this purchase a treat or a habit?
  2. Thanksgiving: Gratitude and Money
  3. Tackling the Christmas Season – How to Spend Less!
  4. Inexpensive Ideas for Spending Time Over the Christmas Holiday
  5. Easy Financial New Year’s Resolutions
  6. Memorial Day: Enjoy Travel and Vacation When You Have It
  7. Learning From The Olympics: Part 1
  8. Learning From The Olympics: Part 2
  9. Taking an International Vacation for about $1,000
  10. A Challenge: Don’t Spend Money On Yourself From Halloween To Christmas
  11. Could You Be Grateful For Every Single Dollar? – A Special Thanksgiving Post
  12. How I Did With The No Spending Challenge
  13. Starting The Year Off Right, Financially Speaking

Entertaining Finance/Lifestyle Videos

  1. Comedian George Carlin about all our Stuff!
  2. Personal Finance in 20 Minutes…Thanks to John Oliver
  3. A Talk from Mr. Money Mustache

What I’m Reading

  1. October 2015 (3 books, 1 article)
  2. November 2015 (2 books, 2 articles)
  3. December 2015 (2 books, 1 quote/podcast episode)
  4. Book Review: The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up
  5. January 2016 (5 articles)
  6. February 2016 (fiction edition – 1 book, 2 book series)
  7. March 2016 (3 books, 1 article)
  8. April 2016 (4 books)
  9. May 2016 (3 books)
  10. June 2016 (1 book, 2 articles)
  11. July 2016 (1 book, 1 person to follow/learn from)
  12. August 2016 (I Let Luc and shared some music recommendations)
  13. September 2016 (2 books)
  14. October 2016 (an article, some charts, and 2 quotes)
  15. November 2016 (I wrote about charitable giving and Effective Altruism, providing several links to related reading material)
  16. December 2016 (every book I read in 2016)
  17. January 2017 (2 books)
  18. February 2017 (2 books)
  19. March 2017 (my 4 most recommended books)

Let Luc

  1. Podcasts I’m Listening To (with an updated list here, scroll down – you’ll find it)
  2. A Bunch of Cool Things…because why not?
  3. Music: My Favorite Albums from 2015 and the First Half of 2016
  4. My 30 Favorite Things
  5. Music: The Best Album of 2017 (So Far)
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