Last week, I encouraged you to look for expenses you could cut by asking yourselves two questions:

  1. Does this expenditure align with my financial core?
  2. Is there a less expensive option?

I included this in my last post:

“I also called my car insurance company recently to see if they could offer me a better deal. They confirmed I was receiving all of the benefits they could offer me, but at least I was able to confirm it. My next step should be to call a few other car insurance providers to shop around and compare prices.”

Well, I’m holding myself accountable to you all. I received a real kick in the pants when my renters insurance policy sent me a letter saying my policy was up for renewal and the premium would increase from $15 to $41 a month. I spent a couple of hours one evening last week shopping for both car and renters insurance. And guess what? I’ll save over $650 on those expenses over the next year. That is real money! (And I did not sacrifice the benefits I’m getting – I just spent a few hours shopping around and comparing prices.)

I know you can find ways to save, too. What are you cutting? What have you noticed and learned? What action are you taking?

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