My 30th birthday was last month and, inspired by a friend, I made a list of my of my 30 favorite things, grouped into three main categories: My Top 10, Tools & Resources, and Fun! Here they are:

My Top 10

  1. My Siblings
  2. My Family
  3. My Friends
  4. God
  5. Health
  6. Nature
  7. Travel/Adventure
  8. Reading/Learning
  9. Music
  10. Kindness

Tools & Resources

  1. Google Mail, Drive, and Photos (Google them!)
  2. Spotify
  3. Podcasts (see what I’m listening to here – scroll down, you’ll find it)
  4. Kindle with Lighted Case (make sure you get a case that fits your kindle)
  5. Netflix (and other streaming services)
  6. Personal Capital
  7. Calendar and Notes Apps (I use the default apps for iPhone, and they keep me organized)
  8. Marie Kondo/Minimalism
  9. Mr. Money Mustache
  10. Writing (most any notebook will do and this pen is my current favorite – ideal for lefties)


  1. Wackee Sixes
  2. Movie Charades
  3. Inflatable Hot Dogs
  4. Tennis
  5. Going for Walks
  6. Side Projects (you’re looking at it)
  7. My Room
  8. The Holidays
  9. Long Talks and Fits of Laughter
  10. The Joy of Little Kids


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