My 30th birthday was last month and, inspired by a friend, I made a list of my of my 30 favorite things, grouped into three main categories: My Top 10, Tools & Resources, and Fun! Without too much seriousness (at least in all categories), here they are:

My Top 10

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Health
  4. Nature
  5. Travel
  6. Adventure
  7. Learning
  8. Reading
  9. Music
  10. Connection

Tools & Resources

  1. Spotify
  2. Podcasts (you can find my ultimate podcast guide here)
  3. Kindle with Lighted Case
  4. Google Photos
  5. Hulu
  6. This pen – ideal for lefties (no more hand smudges!)
  7. Personal Capital
  8. Calendar and Notes Apps (I use the default iPhone calendar app and then Google Keep for notes)
  9. Embracing Simplicity and Minimalism
  10. Mr. Money Mustache


  1. Tennis
  2. Walks/Hikes
  3. Wackee Sixes
  4. Movie Charades
  5. Inflatable Hot Dogs
  6. Creating Things (you’re looking at Exhibit A)
  7. Survivor
  8. Talking and Laughing with Friends (late-night conversations are the best!)
  9. Trying New Things (a recipe, a place, a job, an activity, etc.)
  10. Skiing

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