Here are my favorite (new to me) movies and podcasts I’ve loved this year, though not all came out in 2018. I hope you’ve enjoyed some of these already or enjoy them now. What do you think I’m missing and should check out?


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  • The Armstrong Lie
    • A documentary available on Netflix about Lance Armstrong, cycling, and doping that held my attention the entire time.
  • The Florida Project
    • A great film about what it’s like to grow up and be poor.
    • It’s funny and moving and much more interesting than my brief description sounds.
    • I also love that some of the actors had never been in a movie before, one was found on Instagram, and the entire film was made for about $2 million.
  • Love, Simon
    • This is a good, easy-to-watch, family movie, and I really liked it.
    • I found the music to be quite good and appreciated the lessons it conveyed (even when oversimplified).
  • Hearts Beat Loud
    • This movie is the front runner right now for my favorite new movie of 2018.
    • Music plays an important role, the original soundtrack is great, and the depiction of real, raw relationships is well done.
    • I highly recommend it if this sounds like your type of movie!
  • Whitney
    • This movie starts out exciting and fun, with the audience in my theater laughing and singing along at times.
    • Hearing Whitney sing with the sound technology of a movie theater was amazing.
    • Then it turned dark, and you could hear a pin drop.
    • If you like music documentaries, this one is worth the watch.


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  • Bikram, a 30 for 30 Podcast
    • This podcast spent one season telling the story of Bikram Choudhury, his fitness revolution, his dark behavior, and the lives he negatively impacted.
    • The season includes 5 episodes and 2 follow-up conversations about making the podcast.
    • This is definitely hard to listen to at times, but I’m glad this story was told. Until this, I didn’t even know Bikram Yoga was named after a person. I’m glad I know now.
  • Patty Has A Gun, The Life And Crimes Of Patricia Hearst
    • This story is just nuts!
    • If you don’t want to read an entire book about it – as I suggested here, this seven-episode podcast series is a great alternative. (If you read and liked the book, this is still a great supplement.)
  • Who Charted?
    • I found this podcast just after one of the co-hosts of seven years was leaving, so to me Howard Kremer and Natasha Leggero make this podcast but I’m sure long-time listeners are still adjusting to the change.
      • Updated note: Natasha hasn’t been on the show for a while, and I really hope she comes back. Without her I just don’t find it near as funny, so if you’re interested I’d start with the episodes that do include her.
    • Most weeks, Howard, Natasha, a couple Earwolf guys, and a comedian guest count down the top five songs and movies of the week (mixing up which chart they’re using for music). They also each share a recommendation for a new song they like (which probably isn’t on the charts).
    • They’re funny and hate most box office hits (like every Avengers movie), and I agree with that, so I love it!

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